Retirement Village

During the 1970’s Kanandah was inaugurated as a Self Care complex which grew to eighteen units.  In 2004 three of the units were demolished to make room for the extension to Douro Lodge. In 2016 a further two units were demolished to make way for Mortimer Cottage. And now in 2020 there is a new plan to demolish a further five units to be replaced by another extension to the Hostel buildings.

The remaining eight units each comprise one bedroom with ensuite bathroom, kitchenette and dining area/lounge room. Residents are required to furnish the units to their liking as Kanandah does not provide any furniture and equipment other than a stove, oven and air conditioning unit, together with soft furnishings such as carpets and curtains. Communal laundry facilities are provided in the equipped laundry with adjacent clothes lines and ironing facilities.

Each Self Care Unit has a front door that has access to a covered walkway and on the opposite side a sliding door to a small semi-private sitting area. Both doors provide easy access to the beautiful gardens in the Kanandah complex.

Residents are able to notify the staff on duty in the main facility that emergency assistance is required as each self-care resident is supplied an emergency buzzer in the event they experience an unexpected mishap.

Residents of the self-care village are able to participate in all the organised activities of the main facility and many of them enjoy the Christmas, winter and spring dinners which are regular events.

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