Kanandah is a model facility providing excellence in aged care.


The first time visitor to Kanandah is always surprised to find all the facilities hidd
en behind a small car park that is situated between two heritage buildings. Contained within the main building of more than 8,000 square metres are the 90 residential care places which make up the residential care facility, together with all the necessary support services, including 24 hour a day on site nursing and care staff.


The large commercially appointed kitchen and dedicated catering team provide for the dietary needs of each resident. This ensures their meals are wholesome and nutritious, in keeping with directives from the Clinical Services Manager and consultant dietician and, where possible, meet the food preferences of each resident. Fresh produce is used whenever practicable in preference to packaged or prepared foods. Homemade style cakes and biscuits are firm favourites at morning and afternoon tea times.

A modern and well equipped laundry provides a daily laundry service to every resident in the facility. Those residents who still prefer to wash some of their own clothes are able to do so using one of several domestic washing machines dotted around the facility. It is important that all items of clothing are received by the facility prior to admission to ensure that they are labelled for each individual to prevent them being lost. There is a small fee for labelling of each item.



Kanandah's activities program has been designed to reflect the spiritual, social and cultural needs of all residents.  Residents are encouraged to and supported in attending the activities programmes which have been developed by Kanandah's specialist Recreational Activities team.  Team members are ably assisted by a number of dedicated volunteers in delivering these programmes.


A sample of the activities residents participate in include:

  • the well attended Bingo sessions, held twice weekly;
  • the equally well attended special occasion dinners – the winter carnival, spring festival and festive season party;
  • group activities such as craft, knitting, cooking, gardening and bell ringing;
  • periodic outings to places of interest, other aged care facilities, nearby parks and cellar doors;
  • indoor sports/activities – lawn bowls, golf, darts, snooker and TV interactive games;
  • social and cultural events that include visiting performers, entertainers and musicians;
  • celebrations of birthdays and happy hour on a weekly basis; and,
  • Broad Band for Seniors Internet Kiosk.




Exercising the mind and body forms an important part of the holistic approach Kanandah takes in its care of its residents. Daily group exercise sessions are held to improve mobility and dexterity.


Regular mental stimulation activities include trivia, word games and crosswords competitions, with the added incentive of prizes for the winners.


The Spiritual needs of residents are catered for by holding denominational church services on campus with the local church leaders visiting on a rotational basis. These services are supplemented by monthly inter-denominational fellowship meetings.

facilities-7Residents are able to have their beauty treatments tended by the visiting hairdresser, complemented by a visiting manicurist and a podiatrist. 


Kanandah has more than 120 members of staff who cover a wide spectrum of experience and training that comprises trainees, casual, permanent part-time and permanent full-time staff. At all times of the day and night at least two of the care staff on duty in the Hostel and Douro Lodge are fully trained with a number of years experience in the aged care sector. In addition, Kanandah has an experienced Registered Nurse on duty for about ninety hours per week and, when not on duty, a Registered Nurse can be called in to assist in an emergency. This far exceeds the staffing requirements of the Department of Health and Ageing for such a facility.







Gardens and Decorations


In all of the extensive grounds, there are several beautifully presented and expertly maintained gardens, lawns, fountains, sitting areas, shaded places, even raised vegetable beds.

These are all warmly decorated with quality furniture, garden art, sculpture and of course wonderful plantings.

With all due care given to safety and security, residents are encouraged to potter in the gardens if they choose to do so, with the supervision and assistance of the gardening team.




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